Hannemann Law Firm: we are small, focused and here to help.  Brian G. Hannemann runs the firm.  He has been a trial lawyer since 1993.   Along the way, Brian managed to spend quite a bit of time in front of juries, winning–some, but not all–cases.  As one of his mentors told him: “Don’t trust anyone who says they have not lost a case.  That person is NOT a real trial attorney.  Anyone can try an easy case.  Only a real trial attorney will take a tough case and risk losing.”

Being a trial attorney is a calling.   Brian has been inducted into the American Board of Trial Advocates as the result of his jury trial experience, professionalism, and integrity.

Brian was born and raised in California’s Inland Empire.  He knows all about the region and the wonderful people who call it home.  That is why his practice is here.

Law School: Southwestern Law School, J.D. [Magna Cum Laude], 1993

College: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, B.S. Professional Aeronautics [Summa Cum Laude], 1989

Brian graduated from Beaumont High School two weeks later joined the U.S. Army in 1983.  Brian was privileged to fly helicopters, even spending a delightful summer in Honduras.  Brian completed five years of active duty service, then three more on inactive reserve.  After his military service, Brian attended community college at Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa.  Brian transferred to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on a scholarship, where he graduated in 1989 at the top of his class after taking a very heavy class load.   Before he graduated from college, Brian worked for minimum wage as a fast food worker, a bus boy, and waiter at TGI Fridays.   Brian has also been a flight instructor, a commercial charter pilot and a substitute teacher [those seventh-graders can be tough!].  When he is not helping clients, Brian enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Brian began his career as a trial attorney in 1993, handling cases all across Southern California before opening his own law practice in the Inland Empire in 2005.  Somebody suggested that he start a blog, to share some of his insights, experience, and lessons learned [some the hard way, some not!].

So, here you go.   We sincerely hope you enjoy this and perhaps learn a thing or two.

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